BDG Win Invitation Code – 1866834419 | Get 10x Deposit Bonus

Nowadays everyone wants a second source of income. Here is the way – Share BDG Win Invitation Code with people and get up to ₹9999 daily reward. In this complete tutorial, we will show you how to earn easily using BDG Win app. So if you are ready to earn let’s start with the registration process.

Use BDG Win Invite Code – 1866834419

What Is BDG Win App?

BDG Win app is an online casino gaming platform where you can play multiple online games. Here you can play easy colour prediction games, lottery games, cards games like rummy, poker, slots games, flash games like aviator, dice, Ludo, fishing games and many more. These games are so easy to play and with every wining you’ll rewarded real cash.

How to Register in BDG Win App?

  • First click on the below link to open the BDG Win registration page.

Sign up BDG Win App

BDG win invitation code

  • Fill up with your valid mobile number.
  • Enter a strong password (must be 8 digits long and must have the combination of uppercase, lowercase and number).
  • Enter the same password again to check it’s typed correctly.
  • Enter the BDG Win Invitation Code – 1866834419
  • Accept privacy agreement policy by checking in the box and click on the Register button to complete the sign up process.

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How to Earn Using BDG Win App?

There are many steps to earn money using BDG Win App.

  • First Deposit Bonus: Sign up using BDG Win Invitation Code and get up to 10x deposit bonus.
  • Attendance Bonus: Login consecutively for 7 days and deposit to get bonus worth of ₹9577.
  • Join Daily Activity: Join the daily activity by depositing consecutively and get daily cash reward.
  • Refer & Earn Program: Share the BDG Win Invitation Code with others and invite them to BDG Win platform to earn referral commission daily.
  • Winning Strike: Win consecutively in lottery games to get extra bonus. Continuing 3 wining will give you ₹30 bonus. The more you win, the more you are rewarded.

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How to Join Refer and Earn Program?

  • First complete the sign up process in BDG Win App.
  • Now login and click on the Promotion tab.

BDG win invitation code

  • Click on the Copy invitation code to copy the BDG Win invitation code and share with your friends and family.

BDG win invitation code

  • You can also share invitation link by clicking on INVITATION LINK button.
  • Now click on the copy invitation link button to copy the link for sharing.

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