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RTO Form 28 29 30 Download pdf | Form 28 29 30

When you are going to sell your own used vehicle to another person it includes a Bike, Car or any other vehicle RTO has issued form 28 29 30 35 to complete the selling process. This form you can download from the VAHAN website or you can collect from the local RTO office or you can download it here on this website. After downloading the form you need to fill out all the particulars and submit it to the local RTO office to complete the selling process.

Form 28 defines NOC ( No objection certificate) from your vehicle registering authority. It also needed to prove that you have no obligations that could legally deter you from selling your car. This form also mentions that every validity attached to your car has been taken care of, which means there is no tax, challan, or FIR pending against your vehicle. You need 3 copies of form 28 when selling your used vehicle to another person.

Form 30 defines confirmation of form 29. After informing the RTO about the sale of your vehicle, you have to inform the RTO concerned that the official transfer of the owner of your vehicle should be done at the earliest. The form states that any legal bonds and responsibilities that came with your ownership of the car are now a headache for the new buyer. This includes aspects such as consent of the financier if any. You should submit form 29 30 to the local RTO office within 14 days of the sale of your vehicle.

RTO Form 28 29 30 Download pdf

In details RTO Form 28 29 30 Download pdf

The Ministry of Motor Vehicles was established under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and is responsible for formulating all traffic rules and regulations in India. Each state in the country has its own regional transportation office or RTO that enforces these rules and performs other functions related to driving licenses, vehicle registration, vehicle tax collection, vehicle insurance verification, pollution control, and other similar services.

RTO also plays a role in the sale of used cars. Without their verification, any sale will be considered legal. When selling used cars, a procedure must be followed very strictly. One of the most important and most important parts is to fill out and submit the forms required for a successful sale. The required forms are Form 28, Form 29, Form 30, and Form 35.

Although these forms can be found at any RTO, they can also be obtained online through the Parivahan Sewa website. Let’s take a look at the purpose of each form when selling used cars.

What is Form 28?

RTO Form 28 basically involves a no-objection certificate for your car. It is provided by the registration authority. Basically, you confirm that you do not take any responsibility when selling the car, and according to the regulations of the authorities, you can sell the car at will. Liability includes criminal offenses, any outstanding challenges, or anything related to your vehicle.

If there is a dependency, the registration authority will not provide NOC. Once you have approved everything, only you are responsible for obtaining the 28 NOC form.

Required document in the RTO

  • Involving some thefts, the other said that there was no pending case against the vehicle.
  • The RC copy together with the original RCP copy of the vehicle insurance copy.
  •  Police, the subject is that you want to move your vehicle to another state under the registration authority of your relocation place, attach your vehicle registration number, and attach a fare receipt.

Additional documents required

i. Copy of RC

ii. Identification certificate

iii. Receipt of fees paid to one of the applicants Send all the above documents from the police to the designated counter in the Crime Division of the Control Room.

You must write another request To check if there are any outstanding issues related to your vehicle. A certificate issued by the crime branch proving that the vehicle is not a stolen vehicle will be delivered in accordance with the instructions of the counter staff.

What is Form 29?

The RTO from which the car was originally registered must be reported. Table 29 helps in this process. You will need 2 Form 29 to submit to the RTO, which should explain how all the documents were submitted during the sale, such as pollution control (PUC), registration certificate (RC), and insurance.

What is Form 30?

Form 30 is required after Form 29 is submitted to the RTO.  If the RTO notifies the RTO that the vehicle has been sold to a buyer, Form 30 notifies the RTO that ownership must be transferred immediately.. On the form, it is mentioned that all future legalities related to the vehicle must be transferred to the new buyer. Form 30 must be submitted to the RTO within 14 days after the car is sold. To complete the sale, you need two copies of Form 30.

RTO Form 28 29 30 Download pdf

RTO Form 28 29 30 Download pdfDownloadable links
DepartmentMinistry of Road Transport and Highways
Form LanguageEnglish
Valid forAll over India
Form size180 KB
Application modeOffline
Form typeDownloadable/Printable
Official WebsiteClick Here
Download RTO form 28Download
Download RTO form 29Download
Download RTO form 30Download


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Frequently asked Questions

1. What is RTO?

Ans: RTO means Regional Transport Office.

2. What is DTO?

Ans: DTO means District Transport office.

3. Why required RTO form 28 29 30?

Ans: These three forms are required when you are going to sell your own used vehicle to other.

4. Can I download this form from any website or it will be valid?

Ans: yes

5. Can I print RTO Form 28 29 30 Download pdf?

Ans: You can easily take a printout of these three forms.

6. Where to submit RTO form 28 29 30?

Ans: After duly filling all the required information with documents you can submit it to your local RTO office.

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