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Hello friends! In this article, you will know about NREGA Job Card also you can download the NREGA Job Card Application Form PDF. If you are looking to download Job Card Form PDF then you are in the right place. We suggest you please read the full article very carefully all the important downloadable links and information are provided in this article. Also, you can find the Job Card Form PDF, the New Job card online apply process, the Job card apply online link, NREGA 2022 Job Card List Status Check, etc.

Benefits of the MGNREGA program

  • The program aims to alleviate unemployment, especially in the rural sector, to provide people with Guarantee of at least 100 working days per year. The poor can use the program to alleviate their poverty and lead a normal life.
  •  The MGNREGA program also includes women and SC/ST personnel within its scope. This makes the plan inclusive, and even women and lower castes have the opportunity to earn a living. Salary payments under this program are usually paid by direct bank transfer (DBT).
  •  This facilitated the opening of bank accounts in rural areas and enabled these people to access banking services.
  • The plan promises that if the NREGA cardholder does not receive the minimum workload within 100 days, it will provide unemployment benefits​​. This can ensure that even if the cardholder does not get the corresponding job, it will not be defrauded of income.
  • The program provides qualified individuals with employment opportunities within a 5 km radius of their location. If the working distance is long, workers can pay extra for extra travel. Wages are paid within 15 days after the work is completed to ensure that people have the funds to pay for their living expenses.

In details NREGA Job Card Application Form PDF

NREGA or National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 also called Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act 2005 it is Government of India passed the act of labor law and social security measure that aims to guarantee the ‘right to work’ on 23 August 2005 under the head of UPA government prime minister Manmohan Singh. Launches date of this scheme is 2 Feb 2006 and covers 200 districts.

The aim and objectives of this act are to uplift the livelihood and security of the poor people in rural areas. All the adult labor will get at least a minimum of 100 days wage in the financial year who are volunteer to do the unskilled physical work. This act implemented all the rural districts of the country.

NREGA Job Card Application Form PDF Download

How to download Job Card Form PDF ?

In the below section we have provided the NREGA Job Card application Form PDF downloadable link you can easily download the form. Just go to the download section and click on the “Download” button the NREGA Job Card application Form PDF will open in PDF viewer. Now you can download the form on your device save it and take a printout.

Download NREGA Job Card Application Form PDF

NREGA Job Card application Form PDFDownload links/ Details
NREGA Act enacted byParliament of India
Bill Passed on22/06/2005
Published and introduced by Minister of Rural Development
Date of launched2 Feb 2005
Official websitehttps://nrega.nic.in/
Form typePDF
Form Size42 KB/ 4MB
Form LanguageHindi/English
NREGA Job Card application Form PDF (Hindi)

NREGA Job Card application Form PDF (English)

New Job card online apply process

Those who are willing to new Job card online apply they can follow the following procedure. Applicant should approach the Gaon Panchayat / VCDC / VDC or Block Office the fill the following form with proper documents applicant submit an application in the format below for a Job Card. Here is the below nrega Job Card Application Form pdf downloadable link.

Download Job Card Form pdf under MGNREGA

Documents recquired for MGNREGA

  • Photo of the candidates
  • Name age and gender
  • Name of the village
  • Name of the block
  • Details about whether the candidates(s) is/are beneficiaries of SC/ST/IAY/LR
  • Specimen Signature/Thumb impression of applicants

Eligibility criteria of MGNREGA Application

  • Whenever applicant submitted the application form the application will be verify the following factors
    • Applicant should be adult
    • Applicant must local residance
    • A woman applicants if she is single and living alone, she can also avail the benifit under the NREGA yojana.

NREGA 2021 Job Card List Status Check

Before we talk about the steps to check the MNREGA 2021 Job Card List Status, we want to talk about the solution. Initially, under the leadership of Narasimha Rao, the government proposed the concept of NREGA in 1991.

Subsequently, both parliaments accepted it, and the government launched the plan in 625 regions of India. In late 2014, it became one of the largest employment programs in rural and poor areas. In addition, we would like to mention some factors related to the status of the NREGA 2021 work card. For the card, people need to verify the bank/post office account number and SECC Tin number.

The person’s photo should be there, and it should include tasks, completed work, and claims (visit the NREGA website, nrega.nic.in). On the homepage of the website, you will see options for transparency and accountability.

After selecting the link, you must select the state or territory of the alliance to which it belongs. Then, from the drop-down menu that appears, select the financial year, panchayat, block, and your area.

Now, click the Continue tab, and then you will see your name in the NREGA 2021 work card list, please find it. Once you find your name, go to the link near your name. After that, all the details of your work card will appear in the work card, so applicants must check the details about working hours and salary grades.

Some of the main benefits of the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA program are as follows-This program enables the poor in India to earn a minimum income by providing their income.

FAQs on NREGA 2021 work card list in nrega. nic.in Status

Q.1 We can check on the NREGA website about nrega 2021. Is the state list of nic.in work card list?

Ans: Yes, the authorities provide a list of state work cards, which you can get on the website.

Q.2 Does the MNREGA 2021 work card have a work card number?

Ans: Yes, the MNREGA 2021 work card has a work card number, and each cardholder is separate (is the NREGA application open year-round?) People can view the application throughout the process year.

Q.3 When will the states release the list of MNREGA 2021 work cards?

Ans: NREGA 2021 work cards are officially released for all states. You should visit this page and check.

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