Life Certificate Form Kerala | Pensioner life certificate form pdf

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Life Certificate Form Kerala

Life Certificate form is required for the pensioner to identify whether he is alive or not. Every year Government asks to submit life certificates in their own bank branch. However, to submit Life Certificate or Jeevan Praman Patra is hassle-free just physically attend in front of the pension disbursal agency and submit Life certificate along with necessary documents.

Life Certificate Form Kerala

Pensioner life certificate form pdf

When a Government Servant reaches the age of superannuation and retires from the service, he is received the pension. Pension funds are deposited into the bank account that you gave to your employer when you submitted your pension paperwork. Pensions are digitally credited to the bank accounts of retirees. However, if a pensioner dies during the time of pension, how will the bank know that the pension is not to be paid to the pensioner unless someone alerts the bank?

Banks require a Life Certificate from the pensioner to avoid this situation. This is required in order for your pension to be credited to your account.

All of these procedures have been made painless for central pensioners by the current government’s Digital India Initiative. Pensioners can submit a Digital Life Certificate to JEEVAN PRAMAAN without having to visit a bank. Aadhar must be linked to a bank account for this to work. Anyone can get the Jeevan Pramaan app on their phone and use it after that.

Life certificate is also known as Jeevan Praman Patra this is important documents submit every year in the month of November.

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