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LIC Pensioners Chronicle- The LIC pensioners chronicle develops becoming a significant and practical portal for all of its pensioners to obtain all pertinent information as a result of the company’s expanding pensioner customer base. The government regularly updates the Dearness Allowance rates for government pensioners, thus it is important to verify them. Lic Pensioners Chronicle

LIC Pensioners Chronicle
LIC Pensioners Chronicle

The government has announced a website called LIC Pensioners Chronicle, via which any LIC pensioner can fix his concerns if he is having any. The government will not only build a relationship with the pensioners through this platform.

Instead, if they have any complaints, the government will work to address them. At this point, you may be wondering what the LIC Pensioners Chronicle is ultimately used for, how to utilize it, and what features it has if you take action. I would ask you to read the post through to the finish even if you don’t know; it won’t be an issue.

Friends, today there are still a lot of retirees in India, but a lot of them have also bought LIC policies, so they don’t need to go to a government office. The government created this portal with this in mind.

In light of this, Allahabad PCDA has provided a new EPPO number to every family pension recipient, who will now be eligible for a special perk. An unambiguous declaration that Suo-Moto has been upgraded is made after this. The final alteration has also been moved to the pertinent data that will be considered later.

LIC Pensioners Chronicle Portal

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Supreme Court case involving LIC pensioners

The One Rank One Pension case was recently decided by the Supreme Court of India, which affirmed the government’s decision to adopt OROP.

The government’s implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP), according to the court, was fault-free. The court stated in its ruling that there is no legal need that pensioners who had the same rank to receive the same amount of pension.

The courts also stated that specific employees may be eligible for different benefits, which will affect the overall amount payable for pensions and do not need to be equalized with the rest of the workforce.

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LIC Pensioners Chronicle Supreme Court Judgement

The One Rank One Pension controversy involving army retirees was litigated in court for a considerable amount of time. The Supreme Court has made a determination in this regard. Following this, an ex-Army serviceman submitted a new petition, but the Supreme Court dismissed it.

The Supreme Court has given the administration very clear orders that Army pensions must be altered beginning on July 1st, 2019, and payments must be paid within three months. The Supreme Court had reserved this petition after hearing it until February 2020.

According to PTI news, the court said that the decision to implement One Rank One Pension is not arbitrary. We have not found any flaws in the policies of OROP. Apart from this, it was said that the pension should be reviewed from July 1, 2019, and the outstanding pension should be paid within the next three months. What is the One Rank One Pension Scheme? The soldiers of the army said that the government should implement the same pension scheme for us at the same rank.

All the dharna demonstrations were held regarding this, after which the government accepted their demands in September 2015 and the One Rank One Pension scheme was started. Accepting their demands, the government said on 7 November 2015 that this new scheme would be implemented from 1 July 2014. For this, the average pension amount of ex-employees will be worked out in 2013 and on the basis of that new pension scheme will be implemented.

Apart from this, this pension amount will be updated every 5 years. Another important thing is that soldiers who take PRS will not get the benefit of One Rank One Pension. On 6 November 2020, the government said that under OROP, about 7 thousand 123 crore rupees are consumed every year. The government further said that from July 1, 2014, an expenditure of Rs 42 thousand 723 crores was incurred for the next 6 years.

LIC Pensioners Mediclaim

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You have learned more about the LIC Pensioners Chronicle in today’s article. If you have any doubt you can ask in the comment box below.

Dear Friends, there are a lot of disagreements in India about pensions and insurance. When a sizable crowd gathers to argue in this manner, the government is also required to submit to their demands.

In this regard, the Supreme Court’s approval of the One Rank One Pension Scheme is the most recent news for today’s LIC pensioners. Additionally, the government has been tasked with paying the pension sum in three months.

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