Earned Leave form Pdf Download | Earned Leave Form pdf

EL Form Pdf, Earned Leave Form pdf 2022 file is given in this article, read the full details about Earned Leave and download the form by clicking the download button below-

Earned Leave form pdf- Earned Leave or shortly “EL Form Pdf” or extension of leave this form is required when any Govt. employee/Pvt. Employee seeking earned leave. Basically earned leave is provided by the organization’s employees when they work more than 240 days. They can take this leave for vacation or any other purpose. Every state has different rules and regulations.

Earned Leave form pdf
Earned Leave form pdf

Through Extension of leave, you can extend your leave period. We have provided here this type of form in this article. Just click on the appropriate link and download the form.

Earned Leave Form pdf overview

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Earned Leave Application Calculation

Total earned leave gets an employee in a year 30 days. 15 days credit- 1st January and 15 days credit 1st July in a year. An employee can accumulate or collection of unveiled earned leave in 300 days. Maximum EL admissible as- 180 days = can be used at a time. However, more than 180 days EL can be used by group A and group B offices in case such officers are going to spend leaves outside India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan Burma, and Srilanka.


Retirement= Maximum 300 Days

Resignation= Maximum 150 days

LTC= Maximum 10 days EL


A balance of 30 days of EL is available at the Credit of the Government Servant.

Entire career = 60 days EL= During LTC

The formula of Earned leave is-

Amount encashed = monthly gross salary * accumulated encashable leaves / 22

Some Rules of Earned Leave

  • Earned leave calculation is done on a monthly basis when an employee completes their one service month 1.25 leave days are credited against the employee. An employee how many days earned leave gets it depends on their service month.
  • If an employee resigns from service the entire earned leave is adjusted to the final settlement amount.
  • When an employee joins in service middle of the calendar year, the overall earned leave will be counted as the joining date to December 31 this year.
  • If an employee doesn’t take the current year earned leave this leave will be adjusted to the next calendar year. But there is some limitation of earned leave. It depends on every state’s rules and regulations.

Earned leave form pdf download link


In this article, we have shared with you Earned Leave form Pdf Download link with some basic information. Hope you have helped form this post. If you have any questions related to this Earned Leave form Pdf you can comment in the comment box below. We will reply as soon as possible. Go to the home page- click here

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