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Biodata Format in MS Word- Bio Data is an essential document for any job application. It’s a document that contains a person’s overall summary in detail e.g name, address, contact details, age, blood group, sex, nationality, educational details, professional details, work experience, etc.

Biodata identifies a person’s completely soft and hard skills that he/she achieved. Good and professional bio-data can help job seekers to achieve a job. Because it plays a major role in the person’s professionality. When you apply for any job you’re required to submit a bio-data, whether it is govt. or private company. Here in this article, you will get Biodata Format in MS Word downloadable file.

Biodata Format in MS Word

Download in Word Format

When you for a new job you need to submit your bio-data, Human Resources (HR) will see your bio-data and keep it with them, if they satisfy with your bio-data they will call you for an interview. A bio-data can catch the HR manager, if your bio-data is totally professional it creates an impression to the HR manager and increases the chances of job.

Biodata Format in MS Word

Biodata Format in MS Word- Biodata, also known as biographical information of the person. Biodata is a one to three-page form you fill out when you apply for a job. The biodata you submit summarizes the major details of who you are including your personal information, education qualifications, work experience, and skills. The biodata format is not as well-known as the standard resume format in the United States but still features frequently in other countries, like Pakistan as well as India.

In this article you get Biodata Format in MS Word downloadable file. You can download the file and you can use it for yourself. A bio-data and its information are given in the following below-

Biodata Format in MS Word

Download MS Word Format

  1. Name of the Applicant-
  2. S/O-D/O-H/O-
  3. Present Address-
  4. Communication Address-
  5. Mobile No-
  6. Email-
  7. Date of Birth-
  8. Nationality-
  9. Blood Group-
  10. Religion-
  11. Caste-
  12. Sex-
  13. Educational Qualification-
  14. Computer Knowledge-
  15. Other Experience-
  16. Self Declaration-
  17. Signature

Difference Between Bio-data, Resume and CV

A resume and biodata serve the same purpose, however, there are differences. Resumes are the most commonly used document that is used to apply for jobs within the country, and they describe your professional background. A resume must include information about your work experience as well as the skills you’ve acquired as well as your educational background. It’s typically one page and is designed to be a one-page summary of your work experience.

Biodata provides more information, in addition to providing information about your private life. On a biodata document, it is possible to include information like your gender, your religion as well as your mailing address, and interests as well as all the details of your professional life. Biodata sheets are a more thorough summary of you as a person, not only your professional career. They usually last more than one page.

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CV is an abbreviation for curriculum in vitae. We usually list your academic achievements, the listing of research articles that have been published, and the institution that we worked for. This is the intention of this article to share all information you can about yourself.

A resume, or resume as it’s known is your document for marketing. It is designed to market your products and products and services. Therefore, you have the option of deciding which items to include and what not. The documents should be short in comparison to a CV.

Biodata Format in MS Word

Download in MS Format

Biodata Format in MS Word Download

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