Bharat Club Invite Code – 63512558 | Get ₹30 On Every Invitation

Are you still struggling to earn money online? Then, the Bharat Club app is your solution. In this article, we’ll inform how to earn via only by sharing the Bharat Club Invite Code with others. Join Bharat club using Bharat Club invitation code and get 10x bonus on your first deposit. Also, we’ll guide you on how to make a cash deposit and cash withdraw from Bharat Club app.

Bharat club invite code – 63512558

What Is Bharat Club App?

Bharat Club App is the India’s most reliable gamming site. Bharat Club offers different kind of betting games such as WinGo, K3 lottery, 5D lottery, Aviator, Keno, Limbo and many more. Besides playing games, you can invite people to Bharat club using Bharat club invite code and get extra commission.

How to Sign up in Bharat Club?

  • Click on the below button to open the registration form.

Bharat Club Registration Form

bharat club invite code

  • Now enter your valid mobile number here.
  • Enter a strong password (set a password with the combination of uppercase letter, lowercase letter, special character and number).
  • Enter the same password again for verification.
  • Enter the Bharat Club invite code – 63512558
  • Accept the privacy agreement & click on the Register button.

On signing up using the Bharat club invite code, you’ll receive 10x bonus by your first deposit i.e. deposit ₹1,00,000 and get ₹10,000 for free as a first deposit bonus.

How to Make a Deposit on Bharat Club?

  • To make deposit, click on the Wallet tab.
  • Click on the Deposit button.

bharat club invite code

  • Select the payment channel and amount.

bharat club invite code

  • Click on the Deposit button below.
  • Now select the payment app complete the payment process.
  • Get a 10x cash bonus on using Bharat club invitation code while signing up.

How to Refer and Earn?

Bharat club offers refer and earn program to earn extra commission. Let’s see the process.

  • First login into your Bharat club account.
  • Click on the promotion tab.
  • Click on the Partner Rewards option.

bharat club invite code

  • Here you’ll get your Bharat club invite code.

  • Copy the invite code and share with other people to earn bonus.
  • You can also share invitation link by clicking on the Copy invitation link button.
  • On every successful invitation, you will receive ₹30 cash bonus.
  • There is no limitation for invitation, the more you invite the more cash bonus you will receive.

How to make withdraw from Bharat Club?

  • To make a withdrawal at Bharat Club, click on the Wallet tab.
  • Click on the Withdraw button.

  • Click on the Add a bank account number button.

  • Fill up the form with the correct details such as account holder name, bank name, account number, mobile number, IFSC code and click on the Save button.

  • Now select the bank card and enter the amount.

  • Click on the Withdraw button.
  • On each day, you can withdraw only three times and the withdrawal amount range is ₹110 to ₹10,000,000/-

If you enter incorrect beneficial details, please contact the customer service otherwise you’ll not receive your money.

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